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Doing Gender for Sustainable Change in startups and innovation, Innovation and Gender for Growth
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Doing Gender for Sustainable Change in startups and innovation, Innovation and Gender for Growth

Watch the Cocreation with Winnet Sweden in this vimeo clip:


Read the report in the pdf:

Doing Gender for Sustainable Change in startups and innovation-boosting change! _final 2018.pdf

Use the same toolkit as we did! Here you'll find Genovate, a toolkit for Integrating Gender Equality and
Diversity in Research and Innovation Systems.

Invitation and program

The project Doing Gender for Sustainable Change in startups and innovation – boost change, kick o meeting in Stockholm,

Sweden 6 – 7 November, 2017

Boosting IGG

Place; at the partner Britnys o ce, at Hälsingegatan 49 in Stockholm. Please, visit the The Parks website www.thepark.se
for further information.
Day 1, 6 of november 2017

12.00 Registration and Lunch

13.00 Welcome and opening Britt-Marie S Torstensson

13.15 Presentation of partners – each partner presents themselves

The aim of the kick o meeting
Introduction and presentation of Boosting IGG project
The building bricks/content and basic principles Establish Steering Committee and advisory board
Composition of partnership including Swedish Institute answer on the requested adjustments of other project to be involved
Workplan - Activities
Communication and dissemination Presentation of leaf let for Boosting IGG Sustainability
Risk analysis
Discussion: the content of the IGG project, content, overall goal – aim, activities and expected outputs - results.

15.00 Coffee

15.15- Starting up and prepare for the Boosting IGG activities, including discussion of other partners to join, others, what and how to do and when,

Discussion about working methods and tools 17.00 Closing and common dinner

Day 2, 7 of November 2017
09.00 Good morning and re ections on day 1

09.15 Start preparing for the communication and dissemination strategy and plan, workshop lead by Britny to develop the Communication and dissemination plan.

10.15 Co ee

11.30 Communication: Why and how Boosting IGG can contribute to change – employment, research, entrepreneurship, innovation.

Follow up and decision on communication plan, workplan, activities, dates etc

Summary of discussions: What can be the role of Boosting IGG to improve the situation in BSR when it comes to integrating Gender Equality?

12.00 LUNCH

13.00 Follow and continue the preparation work, Objectives, activities, indicators and expected outputs sustainability, workplan,

14.30 Next steps and summery

Closing and next meeting

15. 30–16. 30 Recommendations for strengthening the Winnet Model Platform for Gender
in Sustainable & Economic Development for Growth in Eastern Partnership regions Britt-Marie Söderberg Torstensson, Winnet Sweden, President


Britt-Marie S Torstensson, coordinator Boosting IGG, Winnet Sweden

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